MMF: Osamu Tezuka

The February 2012 Manga Movable Feast focused on the artistic legacy of Osamu Tezuka, known in Japan as the “god of manga.” Below is the complete list of essays, reviews, podcasts, etc. that resulted from our weeklong discussion of Tezuka’s legacy, as well as older articles about Tezuka’s work.



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Reviews: Anime and Films

Reviews: Books About Osamu Tezuka

Reviews: Manga

Note that I have used an asterisk to indicate reviews of entire series (e.g. Adolf, Princess Knight). For series that have been released in both single- and multi-volume editions (e.g. Apollo’s Song, Ode to Kirihito), I have only used this designation when both editions are present in the list.


Apollo’s Song

Astro Boy


  • Ayako, Melinda Beasi and Michelle Smith (Manga Bookshelf, 2/24/11)
  • Ayako, Kristin Bomba (Comic Attack!, 12/6/10)
  • Ayako, Katherine Dacey (The Manga Critic, 12/17/10)
  • Ayako, Johanna Draper Carlson (Manga Worth Reading, 2/18/11)
  • Ayako, Justin (Organization Anti-Social Geniuses, 2/19/12)
  • Ayako, Evan Minto (Ani-Gamers, 12/26/10)
  • Ayako, David Welsh (The Manga Curmudgeon, 12/19/10)
  • Ayako, Serdar Yegulalp (Genji Press, 11/21/10)

Black Jack

The Book of Human Insects


Crime and Punishment


Lost World, Nextworld, and Metropolis


  • MW, Katherine Dacey (The Manga Critic, 3/1/10)
  • MW, Mitchell Dyer (Ani-Gamers, 8/18/08)
  • MW, Lori Henderson (Manga Village, 12/5/07)
  • MW, Terry Hong (Book Dragon, 11/1/07)
  • MW, Sweetpea (Organization Anti-Social Geniuses, 2/24/12)
  • MW, Linda Thai (Something Deeper: Anime, Manga and Comics, 2/25/12)
  • MW, Serdar Yegulalp (Genji Press, 3/6/08)

Ode to Kirihito


Princess Knight

Swallowing the Earth

Various Titles

Thematic Essays, Roundtable Discussions, and Podcasts