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From 2010 to 2013, the manga blogging community held a week-long virtual book club in which we explore a topic in depth. Some discussions have focused on individual artists; others on particular series; and still others on favorite genres (e.g. horror manga), publishers, or imprints. The “feast” had two goals. The first was to promote intelligent, in-depth analysis of manga we love (or, in some cases, hate). Contributions ran the gamut from straightforward reviews to an interview with Sexy Voice and Robo editor Eric Searleman, a guided tour through Kaoru Mori’s “Emmaverse,” and an essay contrasting Urushibara’s Mushishi with Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos. The second goal was to foster a sense of community among avid manga readers. Everyone was invited to take part in the MMF, regardless of whether they’d participated before. Below is a complete list–with links–of all the Manga Moveable Feasts.


August 2013: Boys’ Love (Khursten Santos, Otaku Champloo)
July 2013: Yun Kouga (Melinda Beasi, Manga Bookshelf)
June: 2013: Skip Beat (Laura Mucciarone, Heart of Manga)
May 2013: Yumi Tamura (Anna Tobias, Tokyo Jupiter)
April 2013: Kaori Yuki (The Beautiful World)
March 2013: Historical Manga (Khursten Santos, Otaku Champloo)
February 2013: Naoki Urasawa (Justin, Organization Anti-Social Geniuses)
January 2013: Moyoco Anno (Ash Brown, Experiments in Manga)


December 2012: Hikaru no Go/Game Manga (Linda Yau, Animemiz’s Scribblings)
November 2012: Manga to be Thankful For (Matt Blind, Rocket Bomber)
October 2012: Vampire Manga (Anne Whittingham, Chic Pixel)
September 2012: Shojo Beat (Anna Neatrour, Manga Report)
August 2012: Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service (Phillip, Eeeper’s Choice Podcast)
July 2012: CLAMP (Melinda Beasi, Manga Bookshelf)
June 2012: Takehiko Inoue (Michelle Smith, Soliloquy in Blue, and Anna Neatrour, Manga Report)
May 2012: Oishinbo and Food Manga (Khursten Santos, Otaku Champloo)
April 2012: VIZ Signature (Kate Dacey, The Manga Critic)
March 2012: Jiro Taniguchi (Johanna Draper Carlson and Ed Sizemore, Manga Worth Reading)
February 2012: Osamu Tezuka (Kate Dacey, The Manga Critic)
January 2012: Usamaru Furuya (Ash Brown, Experiments in Manga)


December 2011: Sailor Moon (Sean Gaffney, A Case Suitable for Treatment)
November 2011: Natsume Ono (Alexander Hoffman, Manga Widget)
October 2011: Horror manga (Lori Henderson, Manga Xanadu)
September 2011: Love Hina (Jason Green, PLAYBACK:stl)
August 2011: Fumi Yoshinaga (Kristin Bomba, Comic Attack!)
July 2011: Fruits Basket (David Welsh, The Manga Curmudgeon)
June 2011: Wild Adapter (Melinda Beasi and Michelle Smith, Manga Bookshelf)
May 2011: Cross Game (Derik Badman, The Panelists)
April 2011: Rumiko Takahashi (Rob McMonigal, Panel Patter)
March 2011: Aqua and Aria (Linda Yau, Animemiz’s Scribblings)
February 2011: Barefoot Gen (Sam Kusek, A Life in Panels)
January 2011: Karakuri Odette (Anna Neatrour, Manga Report)


December 2010: One Piece (David Welsh, The Manga Curmudgeon)
September 2010: Afterschool Nightmare (Sean Gaffney, A Case Suitable for Treatment)
August 2010: Yotsuba&! (Robin Brenner, Good Comics for Kids)
July 2010: Paradise Kiss (Michelle Smith, Soliloquy in Blue)
June 2010: The Color Trilogy (Melinda Beasi, Manga Bookshelf)
May 2010: To Terra (Kate Dacey, The Manga Critic)
April 2010: Mushishi (Ed Sizemore, Comics Worth Reading)
March 2010: Emma (Matt Blind, Rocket Bomber)
February 2010: Sexy Voice and Robo (David Welsh, The Manga Curmudgeon)


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