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I encourage intelligent discussion of manga, manhwa, and comics at my site. I fully expect that some readers will disagree with me, and welcome the opportunity to engage them in a thoughtful dialogue. To maintain an atmosphere conducive to discussion — and dissent — I ask that readers observe the following rules:

  1. Stay on topic. Don’t use a review as a platform for sharing your views on criticism, fandom, fan service, feminism, scanlations, etc.
  2. Be polite, even when you disagree with others. Focus on the substance of your disagreement (e.g. the artwork), rather than the character, intellect, or gender of the person posting the comment.
  3. Remember that critics have the same right to an opinion as fans. The purity or intensity of your feelings about a particular series does not mean that your opinion is the only “correct” one; every series is open to multiple interpretations.
  4. Reserve your comments for the website. If I delete a comment or close a discussion thread, please do not email me to continue the conversation or take issue with my decision. Abusive emails will be deleted.
  5. Point out mistakes in a constructive fashion. If you spot a factual error, find a polite, non-confrontational way to offer a correction, e.g. “According to Manga: The Complete Guide, that series originally ran in Weekly Shonen Sunday, not Shonen Jump.” Questioning someone’s knowledge of manga or Japanese culture is guaranteed to make him or her feel defensive, and less receptive to your comment.

I reserve the right to delete comments or close discussion threads if a reader violates any of the above rules. I also reserve the right to delete comments associated with a fake email address. Readers who routinely violate the Comments Policy will be banned from the site.